somebody that i used to know


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I first heard this song as I was getting ready to go out on a Saturday night. I ended up staying home that night because of it. Because I was crying! THAT’S HOW SAD IT IS. Kind of crazy how such a simple song can just “hit home.” Enjoy this heart-wrenching gem.

Gotye ~ Somebody That I Used To Know

Also, Gotye is pretty hot, no?


josie & the pussycats

I love every song on this album but this song stands out to me because of the whole “punk rock prom queen” thing. I’ve always had a thing for this television show and the comic as well, so I kind of freaked out when this movie came out and had a near panic attack when I listened to the CD for the first time.

Josie and the Pussycats ~ 3 Small Words

never let u go


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The Parent Trap: 2 Lindsay’s, 1 great flick. The song I’m dedicating this post to is the song that plays when Hallie is hanging out w/ her cool British designer mom for the first time. It basically takes the important part of this song and then makes it like a billion times more fun and sparkly and exciting!

Jakaranda ~ Never Let You Go

R.I.P Natasha Richardson

love like woe

UM *SWOON*. Here’s a little insider info about me: I’m really obsessed w/ Jordan Witzigreuter. I’m just waiting for my good friend Alex Gut to introduce me to him because OMG I would just die. Here is a vid of him performing ‘Love Like Woe’ in my hometown, Poughkeepsie, NY.<3 you, Po-Town!

The Ready Set ~ Love Like Woe

my boyfriend

*He’s funny, my honey, he loves me very much!*

I have a thing for songs that are about having, wanting, and needing a boyfriend. This one’s been in the vault for a while and I’d like to share!!!! I like the part when she sings about her boyfriend having blue, blue eyes. 🙂

Bubbles ~ ‘My Boyfriend’



*I don’t need need nobody telling me what to do. I’m a ballerina, not your baby boo*

As a past frequent visitor of, I’ve spent a lot of time watching vids of this beyotch. She’s so cute and energetic and this song really encompasses how I feel about my own life. Also we have a similar body type so I feel like she is my cuter, prettier, blonder kid sister or something.

Tabby Ridiman ~ ‘Dancing in my Cowgirl Boots’