we R who we R cover

^ I made that image in PhotoShop, you like?!

I think in 2010 I said Ke$ha is my spirit animal and as lame as it sounds now, it sounded cool then, and I still feel that way. And this is probably the best cover of I’ve ever heard of ‘We R Who We R’. Also this band is sickkkkkkkkk.

Chunk, No Captain Chunk! ~ We R Who We R (Ke$ha cover)


International Women’s Day


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Happy International Women’s Day to all my beautiful beyotches!

“Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 
~Eleanor Roosevelt <—- ❤ her too!

xo, al

Extreme Animals Tumblr


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The legendary Extreme Animals have a tumblr and I am LOVING it. You really get a feel for the artists behind the music with this collection of inspirational images. From these images, I can tell that these guys really ‘get it,’ ya know? Follow them, bitches!

Selena and Forever The Sickest Kids


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*She’s a lady and ladies shouldn’t be messed with*

I love footage like this!! Forever The Sickest Kids and Selena Gomez jam out in the stood and we are all blessed with this QT pie video. 4 real, how cute is everyone? And FTSK is prob my fav band right now so I’ll most likely blog about them heaps more. Selena too. ❤

Forever The Sickest Kids ft. Selena Gomez ~ She’s a Lady

juiceboxxx nails


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STYLE ALERT: Check out this cool nail art by Madeline Poole inspired by LA-based rapper/blogger/entrepreneur Juiceboxxx.

So awesome to see someone in the business of marketing and keeping it real at the same time. Is this okay to say? I mean it as a compliment. Check out his ultra ‘feel good’ twitter too: @REALJUICEBOXXX

xo, al